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Ever since I shot my first kung-fu video in high school my career path was obvious. After receiving a BS degree from R.I.T I moved to NYC were I had the fortune of editing television promos for the Syfy Channel. A perfect match! From there, my clientele expanded to include USA, HBO, Spike, Food Network, History Channel & IFC and the list goes on.

I also worked on an award-winning long form docudrama 'In Search of the Mole People', various music videos including DMX and the latest Type-O-Negative, 2 years as a linear editor at Spice Entertainment and many many freelance gigs.

Now, with 20+ years of experience under by belt, I've come to realize how much I truly love what I do! Not only sci-fi and horror but simply crafting a story creatively and giving my clients exactly what they want.  There are few things more rewarding than hearing how well received your work was!

This is my passion, period! But without the colleagues I've come to call friends, none of this would be possible. Thank you!!

Your Friend -D